The Cast:

Abe Golam:

An artist and "info-shaman" of legendary proportions. Hero of the online, guerilla artistic community, the discoverer of the techno-mystical "sorcerer code" and creator of nanoscript and GRAMMATRON.
Cynthia Kitchen: A brilliant programmer/hacker, and "info-shaman". Creator of the avatar, Ms. A. (and possibly several other important characters), and cracker of the "sorcerer code".
Ms. A.: Artificially intelligent avatar created by Cynthia, in Her own image. (But is that all she is?)

A nanoscript-encoded writing machine that exists within Abe. (And much more...)

The exact nature of these characters depends on the specific path followed by the individual reader/cyborg-narrator. I have listed the characteristics that came up most consistently in my own readings –therefore my own writings – of the story.